About Us

Company History

RA-LIN began business in 1972. Ray Fulford, and his wife Linda, decided to build a commercial construction company that would be highly competitive in the marketplace. It would be a construction company that would deliver a hassle-free experience for the Owner removing as much of the worry out of the building process as possible. They hoped the Owners would talk about their experience with others and recommend their work. The plan worked well. Nearly five decades later, RA-LIN is a respected member of the southeastern business community and has endured and prospered through many economic twists and turns.

Mt. Zion High School in Georgia was one of the company’s early milestone jobs and earned us a reputation for school construction expertise that still exists today. Through the years, RA-LIN has completed more school buildings in Georgia than any other contractor in the state. School administrators have learned that they can depend upon the company for a collaborative experience that will deliver a student and teacher-centric building, on-time, for a reasonable cost.

But early major projects weren’t all schools; in the 1970s RA-LIN won the contract for the Austell, Georgia City Hall; for the Rockmart, Georgia Community Center; and the Peachtree State Federal Credit Union. In 1981 RA-LIN landed the contract for the $2.9 million Douglas County Jail and parlayed that experience into success with participation in the $15.4 million job for the Carroll County Jail in 1999.

RA-LIN’s diverse experience over the years has included many office and corporate building projects, cultural and civic buildings, medical office buildings and surgical centers, hospitality and multi-family and student projects, K-12 and higher education projects, athletic facilities, and manufacturing and industrial projects.