About Us

Corporate Overview

Combining Skill and Ethics in Building for Nearly Five Decades

RA-LIN and Associates has become one of the most respected providers of construction services in the Southeast. We’ve done it with a very simple approach to this business—deliver as promised; be straightforward and professional; be honest and trustworthy; and provide solutions to problems. We have a vast understanding of the building trade. We recruit and keep great people and we infuse them with our respect for ethics, honesty, and diligence.

There is a peace of mind that our customers feel right from the beginning of a RA-LIN project. You will sense that we have both the expertise and the will to manage any and all variables that inevitably occur in the complex process of creating or renovating buildings. Success is in the details. We anticipate them, address them with you, and execute solutions flawlessly. We believe this is the reason we have a 90% repeat client rate.

Relationships Matter

Our management makes a point of cultivating personal relationships with customers over the forty years we have been in business. We want to know more about you than how much you have to spend on a project. And we want you to know more about us than how low we can bid on a given job. We support the idea that in a relationship based on solid principles, 99% of the decisions are easily made.

In business, many of these decisions come from the unconscious, from somewhere within us. The better we know each other, the better you are likely to be pleased with the building process and the product.


At RA-LIN we view our brand as a way of demonstrating that we know who we are and why we are in business. Our brand is a promise that creates expectations that we must deliver to all of the constituents in our business universe: customers, employees, government and the general public.

Peace of mind is the core of the customer experience we seek to deliver at RA-LIN. We make a brand promise that “we do what we say we will do” and to assure your peace of mind we express that promise with the words “Believe it”.

At RA-LIN and Associates, we are master builders who stand behind our work.
When we tell you we will make a deadline, guarantee a maximum price,
use a certain type or grade of material, staff your project with expert planners and craftsmen,
communicate openly with all project partners, and engineer cost savings and value into

your building with a keen eye toward safety and sustainability you can


Believe It.