About Us


Learning is a Lifelong Process


Learning requires that we keep abreast of change. Individually, we have experience and skills developed over time or we may be recent graduates new to the industry. RA-LIN management’s task is to help teach people how to improve and grow in knowledge and skill so that our clients get innovative, quality work at every level. We call the process RA-LIN U.


There is a RA-LIN way to approach every job in our company. The RA-LIN way is not so much a process or system as it is a point-of-view. We want our people to be dedicated to making the customer experience the best it can be. This means being honest with the owner, identifying problems, and quickly communicating some alternative ways of dealing with the problem. Respecting the owner’s right to participate in the decisions affecting the building is a requirement here. We want new RA-LIN employees to embrace our corporate desire to do everything possible to complete projects on time, keep owners informed and enhance the owners’ experience of dealing with RA-LIN. If our new employees accomplish this, they are oriented to the way we work.

Promotion from Within

Many of our employees started in the field or in an administrative capacity and learned our business by observing how others in our company conduct their business. We have schedulers who are now safety personnel, estimators who have become project management professionals and summer part-time workers who have become executives. In addition to the structured seminars, RA-LIN U is conducted every day inside our offices and on our project sites. We respect the desire of people to enhance their contribution to our company and we work hard to share what we have learned in nearly fifty years of business.