Construction Services



Pre-Construction Estimates – We deliver reliable project cost estimates using our proprietary database and deep knowledge of local markets and material costs.

Feasibility Studies – We analyze building system cost alternatives to give you a material and methods value analysis for the expected life of the building and a thorough site feasibility analysis.

Scheduling – Our schedulers develop a complete team schedule for your project showing the sequence of activities to reach project completion.

MEP Review – Our experts evaluate new state-of-the art mechanical, electrical and plumbing system concepts and coordinate engineering services to make sure your projects flow properly.

Constructability Review – We provide experienced advice on the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed plans and specifications based on our in-depth review of the Construction Documents.

Risk Management – We assist in the mitigation of risk on your project through expert cost control, dynamic scheduling planning and communication to better understand owner objectives.

Market Analysis – We have worked in the Southeast for forty years and understand the unique requirements of your project in the context of area market codes, conditions and trends.

Cost Control – We collaborate with the entire project team to achieve the most efficient design and construction materials and methods to assure value for your project.

Quality Control – We practice well established and tested methods, procedures and checks from the start to the finish of your project with the goal of exceeding your standards.



LEED Certification – Our expert staff can develop sustainable design and construction criteria that will qualify your project for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification and recognition.

Progress Monitoring – We have developed reliable methods for monitoring actual versus forecasted schedule progress and budget deviations.

Change Order Management – Our commitment to addressing unforeseen problems early and directly produces limited need for revisions on most projects.

Quality Control and Testing – We have systems and checks that are dedicated to validate that actual work and materials meet stated specifications.

Labor Relations – We prove ourselves on our team communications that produces proactive resolution of potential issues.




Commissioning – We ensure that building systems are designed, installed and activated according to owner’s operational needs.

Lien Releases – We take responsibility for severing contractual ties to vendors.

O&M Manuals and Warranties – We provide operations and maintenance instructions and training in digital form for your future use. we store equipment and material warranties should you ever need them.

Final Closeout – We walk through the complete punch of listed items and inspect them once remedial work is done.

One-Year Walkthrough – We return to your property for a final verification of operational status a full year after our work is complete.


SUSTAINABILITY: Improving the Environment One Pound at a Time

As a matter of policy, we recycle all of the construction waste product possible on our sites rather than committing it to a landfill. This is not an optional service and our clients may not know that it happens on their site.

At RA-LIN we are very committed to sustainable construction. The goal is to see that building needs are met today without sacrificing the needs of our communities tomorrow. We take the initiative in green stewardship through a program that reviews financial, environmental, and operational considerations with design options, material reviews, energy consumption estimates, and construction methodology.  Making wise choices on these variables helps us apply innovative construction practices that positively impact costs and our environment.




Building Information Modeling (BIM) is three-dimensional modeling used to minimize errors and increase building planning detail. It is a way to virtually ascertain if the plan for your building project will be successful and if the building process will likely run smoothly before any site work begins.

Our team of certified BIM professionals place specific project information into the model allowing Owners to see how their project will look before construction even begins.

BIM proactively eliminates potential issues before they happen by building first on the computer well before actual construction begins. Project managers can visualize and schedule tasks before placing them on the calendar resulting in streamlined site utilization. The process can help determine natural lighting patterns and, when linked with green building software, can identify energy optimization possibilities and potential LEED points early in preconstruction. BIM is an exciting new tool that we can bring to the table when appropriate.