Delivery Methods

RA-LIN offers five decades of experience delivering a full range of construction services from pre-construction planning through building commissioning. We take projects from concept to completion using a variety of construction methods designed to optimize efficiency and timing without sacrificing quality.

From construction management to general contracting, design/build to program management, RA-LIN has the expertise and skill to achieve project goals while providing peace of mind for owners throughout the process.

Construction Management @ Risk

In contracts of this type a guaranteed maximum cost for the project is provided to the owner. RA-LIN serves as both Construction Manager (CM) and General Contractor and may bid to self-perform some of the work as well as employ and oversee the work of a number of skilled craftsmen and trades as subcontractors. We approach the project as a partner with the design team and the owner to estimate costs, conduct value engineering, perform constructability studies, keep the project within budget, and offer scheduling suggestions. As the CM we contract with subcontractors, give the owner a guaranteed price, bond the project, and fulfill the role of the traditional General Contractor. The owner sees all the costs. The CM fee is negotiated at the outset and is not dependent on the cost of construction.

Construction Management (Agency)

img5Using knowledge of the market and the construction process in a consulting capacity, RA-LIN helps building owners select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the design and construction team. Working together at the beginning of a project, the selected construction management team can often more successfully recognize and provide solutions to potential challenges than any single entity is able to do alone.


img6A design/build contract combines the services of design, pre-construction and construction under a single point of responsibility to minimize risk for the owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases of a project. RA-LIN excels under this delivery system because the open communication and teamwork that is necessary for successful design/build project is part of our culture. And we are very good at the logistics and on-the-job decision making that can greatly improve the design/build product.

Program Management

img7This approach is used in the development of program solutions for multiple building projects or planned extensions of a single project. The program management team consists of a small staff of professionals equipped to provide efficient scheduling, quality control processes, design fee savings, and construction cost savings for the project or projects.

Integrated Project Delivery

img8Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) assembles a collaborative team in the planning stages of a project to provide shared expertise through all stages of construction. Technology tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and team access to data are keys to the success of IPD projects. IPD involves a contractual agreement under which risk and reward are shared by the owner, design professional, and builder.